Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Vintage bathroom styling ideas - by myself

You've seen the 60s inspired bedroom and now here's another bit of Fashion Detective towers ready to's the mega bathroom.

For years and years I've had this fantasy about a freestanding tub and a properly luxurious bathroom you can lose yourself in.

Sometimes dreams do come true. And I'd like to think I've been pretty clever about styling this room because it hasn't cost a fortune - the original Victorian cast iron tub, for example, was snapped up on eBay for £250 and painted copper with good ol' Hammerite.

What I love about this - and, gradually, every other room in the house - is that everything has been chosen by us, from the tiles to the taps, from the shade of duck egg on the wall to the combined bidet & toilet. All done on a decent budget with the retro obsession in mind.

Fancy a look around? Be my guest...

Friday, 18 July 2014

WeSc trainers in multi summer colours

The other day, my son had a female friend over for tea and, while they were tucking into pizza and ice cream in the garden, she commented:

"I love the way you wear trainers and dresses, unlike other women who wear high heels all the time and look stupid."

My kind of 10-year-old.

Trainers and dresses are my bread-and-butter fashion wise. Comfy, funky, age-defying and fabulous - who could ask for more. I suppose I really ought to pack heels in bag, or stash some in the office, for meetings etc, but I work in media land - anything should (and frequently does) go.

I'm still wearing the Liberty print Nikes into the ground, but my head has certainly been turned by the range of summer friendly trainer designs from WeSC. Great colours, nice shape - idea for giving floaty summer dresses a tomboy twist.

On this hot and sticky Friday, I thought I'd select a dress to go with each pair in the range...

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Vintage style jersey tops for summer

If you're a vintage addict, like me, summer can be slightly tricksy. I love a polyester shirt dress as much as the next fancy dresser, but on a hot day (we will get more of them this summer, I promise) they're not so practical #sweatpatches

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Cowgirl boots or booze-free builder stress

Here's a little choice for you: after a week of stress-imposed silence, please choose between drooling over these awesome cowgirl style boots by Dukes (totes working with a flirty summer dress or cut off shorts for a trad festy look).

Or head to the other blog to find out why I am still not drinking in spite of the builders driving me to it...

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Jelly bags make a comeback

You might remember, many moons ago, that I was leaping around in Tenerife wearing jelly shoes.

Well, now jelly bags are back, and I'm here to tell you they are COOL.

Made by Sun Jellies, this brill little beach-perfect bag comes in pink, coral or black.

But don't stop at the sand: I'd love to carry this cute little accessory round about town with a 60s shift sun dress and footbed sandals, huge sunnies and a sweet little headscarf.

Dorothy by Sun Jellies, £10