Friday, 19 December 2014

New year, new blog: Fashion Detective does the 60s

Kids, I've really struggled with the blog (and so many other things) this year. In truth, it's all been a bit shitty.

But - luckily - life goes on (I'm nothing if not optimistic) and I really want to put some pizazz back into Fashion Detective in 2015 with a new look and a slightly different angle...

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Must-have denim dress from Uniqlo

Next year I am (finally) re-launching my wardrobe therapy service: this is basically where I visit people, in their homes, and rummage through their clothing collection, working out what's making them happy and what isn't; suggesting new ways of wearing their clothes, helping them part company with the pieces that have lost their pizzazz and adding to their collection with some gorgeous styles to suit their taste, personality and figure.

I've been working with a few clients in the run-up to Christmas, and the only downside is that I see clothes along the way that I want to buy for myself. Mainly I'm finding clothes that would totally suit them and aren't necessarily my taste at all, but occasionally there's a crossover.

Take this funky little sweat dress fom Uniqlo. I added it to a client's moodboard yesterday and now I can't stop thinking about it.

At £39.90, a denim style dress so soft and comfy-looking must qualify as a pre-Christmas treat, no?

Saturday, 22 November 2014

This year's green sequin dress

It's that time of year again - and, as always, I find myself drawn to a very specific party dress: the green sequin number.

Red hair, green do the math. Green glitter is the way forward.

This year I've picked the catwalk-inspired statement sequin dress by Quiz - which is a snip at £39 (you don't want to spend oodles on a dress like this, trust me - it's something of a one or two hit wonder).

Wear with sheer black tights and simple black stillettoes for grown up glitz - or team with thicker tights and the flat knee high suede boots from H&M I have become happily obsessed with, for a more grungy, rock-chic effect.


Friday, 7 November 2014

Ultimate pink checked jacket

Oh kiddles - I'm not dead!

I've been a) on holiday and b) rushed off my feet. And a little bit I'll again, but lets not dwell on that.

Anyways, check out the best coat in the world, spotted in the window of Galeries Lafayette in Nice.

I believe it's by Manoush, but if you know different, do tell...

Sunday, 19 October 2014

60s style orange dress by Georgia King

My 60s devotion continues apace - but this weekend I am *not* wearing vintage. I know, right.

This splendid 60s-inspired number, absolutely on the money for autumn, is brand new...