Top of the pops

Not that I’m fashion-forward or anything, but my first foray into colour pop was in 1994, the same year I had an extremely early ‘life-crisis’. I’d spent the summer in Israel, having romances with soldiers/teachers (well, one of each, I’m not that much of a hussy) and crossing borders I shouldn’t have been crossing on the back of a big motorbike. I came back to the infinitely less glam and dangerous surrounds of Huddersfield University determined to ‘shake things up’. Jaysus.

What better way to baffle and create drama than buying a shocking pink plastic skirt from Miss Selfridge, matching it with all-black tops, tights and platforms, and parading around the student union like this was completely normal behaviour? I know. I am a genius. There is photographic evidence of this stunning style statement, but even I’m not brave enough to post it, so you’ve got Girls Aloud going a bit OTT instead (to the left, to the left).

What I’d captured, aside from the pointing and staring, was a fledgling attempt at full-on colour pop – matching an otherwise sedate outfit with just one mega-bright, eye-popping, colour-soaked item. It’s big for spring and it’ll save any potentially boring outfit from the doldrums. Plus, if you adhere to the scientific Yorkshire saying, ‘ne’er cast a clout till May is out’ (it’s bloody true, ask my gran), you can use the trend to inject your wardrobe with a birra summer, without exposing corned beef body parts before they’ve been adequately self-tanned.

Colour popping is a tidy little trend because anyone can make it work. I’ll be honest, I colour pop most of the time, trend or no trend. Usually it’s subtle – a ridiculously bright bangle with an LBD, for instance. But you can also be a bit more daring, whatever your size and shape, with a pair of insanely bright shoes, or a coat that stops traffic.

I’m obsessed with all thangs green, so colour popping is the ideal opportunity for me to inflict my collection of emerald slippers on the world – and I now have a valid reason to buy that there chunky and delicious watch from Oasis.

If pink does it for you forget pastels and go all-out with this cute boxy jumper from ASOS, groovy dress by Illustrated People for Topshop and triple detail courts from Faith.

Yellow’s a harder colour to pull off, but when you’re doing colour pop, it doesn’t really matter if it suits you or not, as we’re only talking about a dash. I’m loving this check floral clip by Miss Selfridge, rose ring at Topshop and who wouldn’t want these to-die-for Louboutins?

For more unusual and eye-catching colour popping, this coral corset from Topshop is flippin amazing; these Office fushia pumps are v purdy indeed; Uniqlo do a nice line in purple skinny jeans; and the lime double breasted jacket by Julien MacDonald at Debenhams is a wee bit tasty, non?

Avoid red (boring!) and just do one piece of popping at once to really pull it off.

That’s another weekend sorted, then.

Olivia Palermo, doing it nicely

Written by Johanna Payton