Even the Fashion Detective is not immune to election fever.

However, whilst in my private life (I do have one, honest) I’m happy to blether on about my electoral intentions (once we’ve finished talking nail polish, heels and miniature maxi dresses, natch) I’m not going to nail my colours to the mast in public.

However, I am going to dedicate this week’s post to a very interesting election, its leading ladies, and the best party political fashion money can buy.

If the Dav Caminator (?) does it for you, you may be taking fashion tips from the missus. A change of government is seen as a risk by some, but Sam Cam always plays it safe with a range of knee-length A-lines and (ahem) conservative colours.

When she does take risks, Cammers doesn’t always get it right. In the crazy combo to the right she looks like she’s raided a car boot. The colours and “shape” of the look are doing absolutely nothing for her – the coat is a disaster. The bag, clearly an afterthought. Somebody hire her a stylist. (Just don’t let her claim it on expenses).

But when she sticks to what she does best (clean lines, cinch belts, 50’s inspired tailoring, statement shoulders, classic dresses) she really can work her great figure and a timeless sense of style.

As for you, if blue is your colour, this belted A-line from Toppers is pure Maggie Thatcher.

This spot print Dynasty dress from Oasis wouldn’t look out of place on a Tory wife and wearing this tidy short-sleeved cardi by Kew at the polling station will send a message of intent.

And if you want to prove that Tory girls can do edgy glamour, invest in this 1971 Reiss Pia cropped leather jacket – let’s face it, if you tick the blue box, you can probably afford it.

Nick Clegg took the election by storm with his smooth-talking ways and slightly more attractive head than the other two. His other half, Miriam González Durántez, wins the ‘beauty battle’ hands-down with her curvy figure and lush, dark hair.

Clothes-wise it’s a bit hit-and-miss. I’ve seen in her some shocking, shiny smocks that resemble tents and her maternity wardrobe left a whole lot to be desired.

Her main issue seems to be colour – I can see why she’d want to dress herself down, to look all austere and that, but sappy colours like grey, cream and beige are draining her enviable complexion and detracting from her gorgeous Spanish looks.

Miriam can actually get away with the strongest of colours, and so she should. When she really goes for it (see her dazzle below in a fabby shade of green) she really does look like a first lady.

Of course if you want to ‘come out’ as a liberal, the colour you’ll be after is yellow.

This crinkle flower dress by Betty Jackson at Debenhams has the whiff of Clegg-mania about it, and is ideal for the time of year.

You could opt to keep it subtle with Topshop’s peeptoe platforms or Miss Selfridge’s yellow double flower ring – or even keep your allegiance under wraps with Topshop’s yumalicious tropical floral bra.

If you want to do something akin to the man himself – that’ll be sweeping the nation, then – totally go for broke (and you will be) in this Bottega Veneta dress and Jimmy Choo pumps.

Whatever happens in this election, I doubt we’ll be singing a rousing chorus of D:Ream if Labour geddin. Well, Professor Brian Cox might be, but he’s probably on royalties (I still can’t get over that).

Whatever you think of our Gord, Sarah Brown has been flying the flag for style since the big man sat in Tony’s chair.

Sarah’s got a warm face and an easy way about her, but she’s also a serious woman, and that can work it’s way into her wardrobe. Her love of the skirt suit and frumpy blouse (see right) has not gone unnoticed by yours truly, but things can only get better…

In spite of the odd meh moment, Mrs Brown has established herself as a fashion figure, and bought her other half far more cred points (and votes) than he would have had without her. She hangs about at shows, goes for bold colours and prints, captures a trend without going overboard and knows how to accessorise.

And, if you can resist being overshadowed by the stunning Michelle Obama, you must be onto a good thing.

If you’re voting for the status quo, and giving Labour the chance to keep on keeping on, you could do a lot worse than sporting this red rose Zoe dress by Motel for Topshop come Thursday.

Being a Labour lass isn’t as hip as it used to be, so if you want to give them a plug without getting too obvious, these Medusa platforms by Miss KG are ideal for your tootsies.

Of course, Labour voters are known for being loud and proud, and if you want to fly the red flag this week and don’t care who knows it, may I suggest this season-perfect tulip dress at ASOS or this amazing asymetric dress by Vivienne Westwood.

Whoever’s in charge on Friday morning (if anyone is) you can rely on the Fashion Detective to resume normal service, making good on the very same funky fashion policies that this Great British blog was built on. Or something.

Who says fashion and politics don’t mix:

Written by Johanna Payton