Going, going….

Before I head off for sunnier climes, I wanted to share with you some delicious sale shopping tips (don’t say I never give you nowt).

I love a bargain (I’m that rare breed of fashion lover who can withstand hours of rummaging in TK Maxx), but I’m not the type of gal who queues outside Topshop on the first day of a sale. The problem with sales is that the merchandise is often tatty, outdated or includes the dress you paid £65 for three weeks ago reduced to a paltry £35. This means a) you have wasted money, and b) it was hugely unpopular and you are therefore a style pariah.

However, what is good about a sale (particularly in these days of internet shopping – I would so rather sale shop from the comfort of my own PC, in between watching illicit episodes of True Blood series 3 and avoiding any actual paid work) is picking out the odd key piece that will actually work into the next season.

This, ladies, is my forte. Yes, I like to think I have an eye for reduced show-stoppers that won’t have to wait until an appropriate season comes around again to be aired; in my book, there is absolutely no point buying your summer gear for 2011 in today’s sale – surely you’ll be wanting a whole new summer wardrobe when a slight variation on the playsuit/shift dress/maxi/bikini/denim short is introduced next year? Or is that just me?

The single biggest trend grab in what’s left of this year’s sale shopping is nude. I keep harping on about this, but one look in any high street window should confirm that nudes are big news for autumn – and because women still don’t think they can get away with them (they should be reading this blog) there are loads to choose from in the sale that will look brilliant into autumn.

Topshop have got a cool Yuki dress on offer for starters, which is going to look hot with a ruched black cardi, tights and lace-ups. Miss Selfridge has a very cute bodycon with crocheted flower detail that can be toughened up towards winter with a black leather biker jacket and boots. And the stone Aemilla dress in the ‘final reductions’ pot at All Saints ticks autumn’s nude and corset trends perfectly.

Ruffles are another big fad for AW10/11 and the beautiful ruffle funnel neck trench coat (pic to the right) from Oasis is all kinds of hawt. The ruffle sleeves on this cheeky linen shift dress from Warehouse are also good for the run up to Christmas, as is the ruffle zip skirt, which would look aces with ankle boots.

As we’ve also discussed, retro styles are very much ‘in’ particularly 50s-style dresses and skirts, so grab this organza prom dress by rare at Topshop, ombre dot print dress by Karen Millen, heart print bandeau dress at ASOS and tulle over lace skirt at Urban Outfitters.

And my absolute top tip for a sale bargain that will see you right for the next six months (if not for the rest of your life) the suede stud military cuff boot from All Saints. Man, I love that shoe.

Now, if you want to buy me a drink with all that cash you’ll have left in your wallet, feel free…

..and I’ll see y’all for more fashion fun post-holiday, in what will be, officially, the autumn *wail*

Beyonce does the Topshop sale like us real people, don’tcha know

Written by Johanna Payton