Come shop with me (part 1)

A new regular feature for the Fashion Detective – I’ll try, we both buy.

Dorothy Perkins is going up in my estimation this season.

Some very nice dresses but I’m particularly partial to the animal print jumpsuit (right) which is a bargain at £38.

The legs are quite wide, which take some getting used to after all the harem fit jumpsuits around in the summer, but with heels and a cape I reckon it would be hot to trot.

Topshop is full of delights. Love this lace trim dress and I’ll prolly go back for this knitted lace jumper.

I only tried on Toppers’ take on the aviator jacket in order to verify my fun-making here on the Fash Detective blog (more to come on this topic soon), and within 20 seconds of trying it on I was parting with £58 at the cash desk.

Pretend leather is boss these days and I just lurve my new jacket (above left). I anticipate wearing it to death in the weeks to come.

Warehouse next and they have a whole host of gorgeous pieces this year.

The winter maxi is big news. One of the sales assistants was swishing around in this baby (right), which certainly caught my eye. I must admit, that when I saw her, I assumed she was a punter trying it on and looking for another size, or something – no way did it look like a work garm.

Still, it is a beautiful thing (it wants to be at £85). Just not sure where you could get away with wearing it, so I didn’t go for the purchase. But, like Arnie, I daresay I’ll be back.

I’ll definitely be back for these cute, ditsy print harems – when I saw one of the girls in the shop rocking them with ankle boots and a denim shirt, I swore (literally – I’d already paid and didn’t have time to start again) that they would be mine.

The purchase I’d made was the wicked little jumper dress to the left.

I’ve always loved a jumper dress and no 80s revival would be complete without one. This is soft enough to be snuggly, the retro pattern is very appealing and the fit means it’s good for day or night.

I’ll be trying it with lace topped socks and ankle wedge boots before you know it.

Talking of boots, I had to prise myself from Urban Outfitters without buying the lovely foot ornaments to the right. Wedges = height and comfort, which I can always, but always, get with.

I’ve just written a little piece for Elle Online on shearling (sheepskin, innit) and these boots are a perfect example of how you can do it subtly if you don’t fancy a massive wooly gilet (who does?)

Finally, H&M. Oh my. So, so much to choose from in there! Lovely dresses, peg leg trousers, natty accessories and beautiful boots. It’s all happening.

I tried a cute bronzey-orangey silk dress and a nude, fabric-rose-motif 80’s style sack dress that would have both made my wardrobe shudder with excitement.

But my fave H&M try was the spotty tea dress below, which I would wear to work if anyone else existed in my office to appreciate it (apart from my lovely, new Lots-o-Huggin Bear, that is – he actually smells of strawberries).

Written by Johanna Payton