Black and white

Kirsten Stewart doesn’t always get it right (don’t hate her too much for that – she’s only 12) but I loved what she wore at the Spike TV Scream awards earlier this week.

Monochromes are dotted about in this season’s collections, and there’s also a spirit of the 60s coming in (I know what you’re thinking – we’ve only just got to grips with the 50s and now we’re skipping on a decade…what can I say? Fashion moves fast, babies).

I’m tipping these three dresses for a cool balance of Kirsten’s black & white glam and the rise of the 60’s vibe.

At ASOS, this bobble bead tunic is great for cocktail parties and the like.

Also a big fan of this knitted dress by Motel at Topshop.

And although I don’t often shop in Monsoon, I do rate this beautiful tapework dress.

Written by Johanna Payton