Come shop with me: at New Look

Before Wednesday’s mega Stella show, I had quite a morning of it – and did shed loads of trying on, on your behalf.

I’ve been talking lots about New Look over the past week, but they have grabbed my attention with their party dresses this season, and although I wouldn’t call them my favourite high street brand, I think they are worth a good shufty.

At the crack of dawn (that’s 9am in my world) on Wednesday, I was invited to have a rummage around their flagship store on Oxford Street; I can definitely live with browsing whilst eating breakfast canapes that have a teeny tiny egg involved. It blew my mind – so small and yet so yolky!

I was also surprised to be accosted by a personal stylist who, appaz, is often in the New Look neck of the woods, offering free advice to shoppers. Who knew?

I’ve never shopped with a stylist before and found the experience sort of thrilling and exhausting at the same time – but that’s the idea. They fill your basket to the brim and get you so pumped-up that you’ll feel relief when you hand over your debit card, instead of sheer panic.

Anyway, I liked that he just looked at me and knew what size I am, and that he chose clothes I approved of – although, given I was dressed up to the nines for the lunchtime fashion show, I think he thought I was a bit more in-your-face-short-skirt-high-heels glam than I really am on a daily basis.

The first dress he picked out for me (right) was one I’d been looking at myself and wondering if I had the guts to pull off.

It’s a dress from New Look’s Idol collection which, the stylist told me, is inspired by celebrity style. I can see that, because there was something of the Dannii about the Idol chain print dress that I tried on.

I’m not usually keen on chains hanging off garms, and that does seem to be a bit of a feature at New Look this season, but the silky soft dress has a cute detail at the back, beautiful vivid colours, love the print and the cut is very flattering. Thumbs up.

Next he got me into the very nifty tie dye dress to the left (my love for the tie dye will never, erm die – I think the stylist could see that written all over my face).

Another Idol piece, you could bust this out at a party or, as I did here, dress it down with a chunky knitted gilet.

Again, the dress has metallic chains hanging off the shoulders which did make me a bit hesitant, but I think the bling is subtle enough to be acceptable down the pub.

Next up (right), a dress that is definitely for wearing down the nightclub and not on the school run (don’t quote me on that).

This purple slash front number (Idol collection again) is very sexy, but the length stops it from being slutty (obv this will depend on your height – I’m 5ft4, but if I was 5ft8, I think I’d quite enjoy being a leggy minx in something like this).

You might also note the shoes I’m just about managing to stay upright in.

They are a very reasonably priced (£44.99) lace-up platform and although they make you touch the sky, they are dead comfy.

A more subtle – but very, very gorgeous – dress I tried on was from the Limited Edition collection.

The rose floaty dress (left) strikes me as a wardrobe staple for January and December. It def adds some glamour for the office, but is sweet enough to wear on a lunch date, or even for dinner.

I’m wearing it with more grey heels – this time the patent platform heel that is ridiculously cheap at just £22.99 (cheaper this week as there’s a discount on all party wear).

If I worked in an office that anyone else worked in, I’d wear something like that every day. Still, the dress came home with me, so I’ll just have to tell myself I look smart.

And the top to the right came home with me too. I’ve said it before, but what New Look does best is bo-ho – and this folky tunic is going to go with anything from jeans to my ‘new length’ skirt. Please excuse the fact that I’m wearing it with no trousers. And my roots need doing.

The lovely bo-ho top is the only thing I couldn’t find online, but if you’re desperate to follow in my footsteps, it’s the purple paisley border tunic at £22.99.

Finally, I tried the sunburst beaded jacket which is £54.99 and, I hope you agree, looks boss with the lace purple dress I bought from Joy last year. I really do hope you agree, because that one came home with me too.

Written by Johanna Payton