Get a gold full length dress, like Cheryl Cole

Oh, X Factor. What a sad night it was. Wagner gone. My son in tears (don’t worry, a fiver perked him right up again).

On the up side, The Weasel had her chips; although she did wear the odd nice dress, she never won me over with her massive over-confidence and bad haircut.

I’m talking about Cheryl’s style choices on another blog today (more of that later) but suffice it to say I wasn’t bowled over by her dresses this weekend.

However, for the ‘every woman’, a gold, full-length dress is a great choice for the party season – but only a very special party, mind. Don’t go wearing this gold, full-length Halston Heritage dress from Net-a-Porter down the Working Men’s Club:

Image taken from Net-A-Porter.com.

Written by Johanna Payton