Hanna Marie Hutchinson

I had a lovely chat with the fantastic young designer, Hanna Marie Hutchinson, this morn.

I’ll be able to tell you more once the piece I’m writing is published, but Hanna is the very talented British designer behind Cheryl Cole’s best dress of this season’s X Factor – the HMH couture Euterpe nude dress with cut out side panels (seen on Chez in week 3).

Obviously you could do with Cheryl’s washboard tum to get away with this particular design, but the cut and colour are just heavenly – and as Hanna’s designs will be available from selected boutiques later this year (and online from Designer Desirables), you could treat yourself to a stand-out evening piece for your own collection.

Yet another beautiful thing to pop on my Christmas list.

A Euterpe collection dress in ice blue and the tres beautiful Smokey gown:

Photos courtesy of Hanna Marie Hutchinson

Written by Johanna Payton