I *heart* jumper dresses

I actually decided to do some research (!) before blogging my unadulterated love for the jumper dress this morning, and I discovered some interesting facts.

The biggest shocker (for me) is that what our American cousins would refer to as a ‘jumper dress’ is what we’d label a ‘pinafore dress’.

I did a good line in pinafore dresses when I was around the age of three – see photographic evidence below (ah, the Fashion Detective’s big hair and sense of style has been fully operational for many-a-decade). But the pinafore dress doesn’t have quite the impact of the Brit jumper dress that we’re here to chew over today.

For the benefit of my American readers (get me!), I must explain that the British version of the jumper dress is probably known as a sweater dress across the pond…it’s basically a long jumper that covers (and clings rather fetchingly to) your behind. Simple. And surprisingly effective.

I’ve long-loved jumper dresses. My first foray was in the 80s and bat wings were involved. (Is it just me, or do bat wings make anyone else feel as if they could actually fly?) I adored my jumper dress, even when it sagged after repeated washes and lost its shape. I wore it to death and even dragged it out of the closet during the grunge era, when it kind of worked with ripped tights and docs (in an ironic way, you understand).

Maybe I just loved Demi Moore too much (she looked brilliant in a jumper dress) but I’ve always thought that jumper dresses straddle that fine line between comfort, warmth and sex appeal perfectly. You can girly them to death with platforms, or toughen them up with boots. Add statement jewellery for instant glam, or chuck on a denim jacket to dress it right down. Oh, so versatile.

And now they are well and truly back. You can have everything; divert attention from big boobies with a draped neck or enhance your curves with a graphic print.

Get a casual 80s vibe with something cheeky, keep it minimal and nail a 90s edge or go for all out glam with an embellished detail.

Bloody lovely. I really do *heart* them.

Surely this is the perfect look for a Christmas morn stroll…

Written by Johanna Payton