Come Shop With Me…to JOY

The best thing about working at IPC magazines is that there is a lovely big JOY downstairs.

I love a bit of JOY and their winter offerings are to die for.

First off, I tried the lovely pearl cardi to the right (I’m obsessed with black cardis that have little white pearls or sequins embellished on them – why is that?). It’s by Louche and it’s £42.

I purchased the oh so shiny gold/taupe velvet skirt for wearing in everyday situations. That’s just the way I roll.

Another purchase was the star embellished black jumper to the left.

It is sold as a jumper dress, but even I would think twice before stepping out in just this and tights. It would look like I’d forgotten my trousers I fear.

Instead, I’m wearing it with the very glitzy Louche Portia brocade tulip skirt. Fell in love with that one, but they didn’t have it in my size. My extra large bottom did not sit well in an extra small mini skirt. Tragic.

I actually bought that jumper and threw the one I was wearing in a public litter bin. In my defence, it was way past its’ sell by date and I couldn’t face trekking to the materials recycling bin in Sainsbury’s car park in the snow. Again, this is me. Rolling.

Next check out the very gorgeous kimono dress on the right, great for parties.

Neon is a big, big trend for SS11, as are kimonos, so this little number ticks plenty of boxes.

It’s expensive at £75, but it’s by Ringspun (I have big love for their stuff) and it is delicious enough to rock out on New Year’s Eve.

Talking of Ringspun, I also fell in love with this unusual two-in-one scraf collar coat.

Might have to save up some pennies and go back for that while the snow is still on the ground. It looks very warm and cosy.

If you’re up for a winter maxi, this grey tie dye maxi dress by Louche is worth a look.

I’m wearing it over a cami, so be warned that it is pretty low cut. Charmarama (if you’ve got a large pair).

It was also a bit long for me, but if you’re over 5ft4 (or know how to take things up) I think it would be boss with military boots and a big chunky cardigan. Dreamy.

Finally, my last hot tip (!) ain’t particularly on-trend for this season or anything, but it is an absolute classic.

I’ve bought this dress in various forms over the past 15 years because it’s so hippy and bo-ho and 70s. And (here we go again) it’s got bells on it (mini ornamental bells, no less).

Anyway, the last one I had (literally) fell to bits. It was from Peek-a-Boo in Topshop and it ripped like tissue paper on every wear. The new one is far sturdier and come the summer, when 70s is everywhere, I’ll be ahead of the curve, innit.

It’s bloody reduced online so don’t be rubbing it in if you pay a tenner less than I did in-store.

Written by Johanna Payton