Sorry and Strictly…

Apols for the quiet blog this week my lovelies. After nursing a small boy through the flu, I’ve now gone and got it myself. Am typing wrapped in blankets. No slanket, I hasten to add (FASHION CRIME).

Am heading North tomorrow (snow and sniffles permitting) – v excited to be trying out the new Jury’s Inn – how swanky does that look? And in Bradford too.

So, the Fashion Detective may keep her trap shut for the next few days – hope you can forgive, and normal service will be resumed ASAP. (I’ll even try to squeeze a shop in while I’m away. It’ll be a chore, I know, but just for you guys).

To keep you occupied, if you enjoyed the post I did on Strictly, thought you might like this one I’ve done at ebay on the wonderful Pamela Stephenson, with some cracking images too. Hope she wins tomorrow!

And I can’t leave you without a fashion tip…so here is the dress I’m totally lusting after at the mo. I’m trying not to think about the fact that if I hadn’t just spunked all my dosh on a mega pre-xmas shop on Sainsbury’s, I might have actually been able to afford it.

But there’s always the sales…

Image taken from allsaints.com

Written by Johanna Payton