The nude factor

OK, let’s face it. Thanks to Cheryl and her girls, this year’s X has been won by nude (not Matt, contrary to popular belief).

I loved nude before the series started, but the endless parade of neutral gowns has damaged my will to live. On Saturday night, Cheryl did it yet again. Even with the beautiful sparkle on her dress, it was yet more asymmetrical, Grecian, nude whatever. And far too much material going on there.

I was considering a nude dress for New Year’s Eve, but in an act of fashion rebellion I’ve decided to take a leaf out of Dannii’s book and go for bold, bright colours – although you have to wade through shed loads of nude to get to the head turners, it is so worth it.

Come on, do it with me…

The iconic flutter sleeve brightest red maxi dress from Topshop:

The electric blue ruffle front halter dress from Warehouse:

The Thalia dress in pale purple by HMH Couture:

The orange Alma embellished dress from Alice by Temperley:

Written by Johanna Payton