Which winter boots to wear?

Because I’ve been working in the office this week, I’ve faced the joys of what to wear during this early onset of winter (what is that all about?)

I’m afraid, my loves, the UGGs have been out. I’m sorry! I can’t help it. They’re just so warm and cosy. Today I had to tuck my wide-legged animal jumpsuit into them (it wasn’t as horrible as it sounds). I saved my fashion cred by stashing heeled ankle boots under my (temporary) desk.
Still, I could have done with something equally non-slip, but just slightly sexier, to walk from the tube to the office and vice versa because you never know who you might meet (I bumped into one of my editors today on the way back from lunch and I was slightly giddy post-large glass of rose. Office life has driven me to drink already).
I’m tempted by these Olang Sabrina boots at lovethoseshoes.com – they’re certainly meaty and sturdy, but I like the girly touch of the ribbon laces. I can even imagine wearing them with a print dress and tights and a faux fur jacket and looking pretty stylish…
Yes, they are going on my winter ‘wish list’ (which gets bloody longer every day).
Written by Johanna Payton