A meat hat and some impressive breasts

Shall we start the new week with something a bit saucy involving a hot lady in the altogether? I thought you’d say that.

Well, in addition to the new look blog (do you dig cartoon me?), my fashion antenna have been alerted to this beautiful photo by acclaimed portrait and fashion ‘tog, Rankin. LOVE Rankin’s work, so am v excited to be sharing it with you lovely peeps.

The pic, called ‘Tuulilicious’, is a take on Lady Gaga’s meat dress and the ‘food as fashion’ debate that she sparked. (Or didn’t – I just thought it was funny. The end.)

Rankin’s very sexy missus, Tuuli – who clearly has a pair of boobies to die for – posed for this pic brandishing some cutlery and wearing nothing but a French-trimmed rack of lamb as a crown. It’s a look I can get with – perhaps not down Tooting High Street, though.

On a more serious note, this beautiful, funky photograph will be auctioned off (along with may other pics and ‘luxury items’) for HIV and sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust at its annual Lighthouse Gala Auction on 21 March, 2011.

So if you fancy something quirky, fashionable and a liddle bit sexalicious on your living room wall, you know where to go.

Photograph courtesy of Rankin / Terrence Higgins Trust


Written by Johanna Payton