Come shop with me…to the 70s

Oh yes, step aboard my time machine babies, ‘cos fashion is all about the 70s now. Forget tea dresses and harem pants (we’ll miss you!) and brace yourselves for folk prints, kaftans, ridiculous dungarees and big, fat flares.

Here are some of the 70s flavoured looks I’m feeling from Topshop.

This pretty, folky tunic is a steal at £28.

Loving this winter collection dress with a distinct 70s vibe – it made me feel like I was in Abba. I mentioned it previously on the blog as it reminded me a bit of Sandra Bullock’s Golden Globe frock. The fit is pretty loose so buy a size smaller than normal – and geddin quick before it sells out (it’s gone online but there are still a few knocking about in-store).

Here’s that mustard must-have I told you about this morning. Topshop is overflowing with Colman’s-esque gear; it’s got to be done. Watch out with the dream dress though – it’s a tight fit, so you might want to go up a size in order to eat/move/breathe.

And this final look is just so rad, I love it. I’m sure I owned this pinafore dress in 1976 (when I was a toddler, I hasten to add). I’m that bonkers, I prolly would wear this out in public, but I understand if it’s a step too far for most humans. I bought the (open back!!) blouse to wear with the flared jeans I’m pulling out of storage – the crazy dungar-dress can wait until another day.


Written by Johanna Payton