Koko Designs

On Saturday, I was made up to receive a gorge Happy New Year card from my old friend Karen O’ Kane.

I met Karen a staggering 16 years ago when we were both volunteering on an Israeli kibbutz (you can imagine how I reacted to chopping courgettes in the kitchen at 6am and mopping floors in dungarees, can’t you? Exactly – by applying bottle upon bottle of Sun-In and spending all my earnings on outfits from the nearest mall).

I loved Karen immediately because she was dead punky and cool. She had pink hair and wicked tattoos and a very nice nose ring (when I got back home I had my own nose done in her honour – and the piercing lives on to this day).

Karen was studying psychology back then and she went on to do some truly inspirational social work; her worthwhile jobs sounded like incredibly hard work and they always humbled me.

Karen is also a very creative lady and I was mega-excited to receive some info in the card she sent about her contemporary crafts business, Koko Designs. Karen, who now has two beautiful boys (OK, three if you include her gorgeous partner), launched Koko Designs in 2008, but the business is going from strength to strength.

I’m not surprised at all; am loving her floral bags (how on trend for this spring??) particularly the Bernadette Poppy and Iris totes – and am also feeling mighty excited about the hand-painted blue iris silk dress – more please, Karen!

I love talking-up new designers, but when it’s an old friend who is a super-star, it’s even better.

Image taken from Koko Designs.

Written by Johanna Payton