New year, big bargains (and false nails)

Happy new year, my lovelies.

I’m back now after a very heavy break during which my Stella McCartney made it to a curry house in Bradford and the clubhouse at Butlins in Bognor. I bet Stella is so pleased that I bought one of her wares.

I also got gel nails for the first time ever. My Particulière has lasted eight days and counting (and this is after I had to cut them right down and re-paint them: I didn’t want tips, but the nail technician didn’t speak English – and the nasty bronze shade he insisted would look better than black looked naff. Next time I’m being forceful over the length (!) and taking my own nail polish).

Our New Year’s Eve cocktail extravaganza featured me in a proper girl’s dress and peep toe ankle boots in spite of heavily bruised calf (not sure what happened there, but let’s assume it was one of JoJo’s ‘special tumbles’) and several hundred lethal cocktail combinations. Yes, there was vomiting in the street. Yes, there was (more) falling over. But it was blimmin good fun. The photos below tell (a bit of) the story.

Anyway, a good time was had by all, this Chrimbo.

What I can remember of it, anyway.

It’s sale time now (yay!) and I’ve been love, love, loving this heavily embellished, sequin dress from Topshop for some time.

Although it’s massively OTT, I consider it “everyday” on account of the length and the loose fit.

There was 50% off this precious item in the sale on New Year’s Eve, making it slightly more affordable – now it’s just £80.

How on earth can I resist? Should I even try to???

Also to look out for in the Topshop sale, these gorge loafer clogs by HASBEEN, cute Kate Moss cape, the feather cowl back jumpsuit, and the ruched bandeau jersey dress that I scoured Oxford Circus for on New Year’s Eve and failed to find (I bought a v lovely one shoulder ruched mini dress from Lipsy’s sale concession instead – as seen in drunken NYE photos above).

Fill ‘yer boots, fashion fans.

Image taken from Topshop – and with thanks to Rose Wilkes.


Written by Johanna Payton