Superdry’s hot new nail polish

Can we spend a moment to talk about nails?

Just before Christmas I was oop in Bradford, home of the brave, and my aunt was getting her nails done. She told me about the gel nails she gets that, appaz, last for “three weeks without chipping or peeling”.

I’d never heard of such a thing and I was sceptical. I spend hours faffing with my nails and no matter how carefully I trim, buff and paint them, my nail polish rarely lasts more than two or three days unscathed.

Anyway, I went into Tooting (nail bar central) and a couple of places did indeed offer UV gel nails. The first attempt was a bit of a disaster. An angry man did my nails and shouted “TIPS??” at me so loudly I nearly lost my lunch. I had no idea what he was talking about and nodded weakly.

I ended up with over-long, false-nail-looking nails in a yukky bronze shade that was the best of a bad bunch he had to offer. When I got home my other half (when asked for his opinion) said I looked ‘like that woman off Blind Date’. Hmmmm.

But it was only £15 for the angry man’s trouble and when I got home I lopped off the tips and repainted them with my beloved Particuliere. They didn’t look perfect given my DIY intervention, but the polish did indeed last for the fabled three weeks and saw me right through Christmas and the New Year.

Today I went to a different nail bar (“I’ve got a life Phil, I’ve got a nail bar” – ten bonus points if you know what I’m going on about) and got a whole different level of service (at twice the price, but you get what you pay for). I was even offered tea or coffee. American Star Nails, man – that’s where it’s at.

This time, you would never know that the nails are not 100 per cent my own. The gel has been applied thinly, so they look flawless and there are no tips, so the gel is just sitting over my natural nails.

I also took my own polish in. Thanks to Fashion Press Week, I managed to get my mitts on a pre-release bottle of Superdry’s new nail polish, which is available from March.

Inspired by their iconic t-shirts, the range (which comes in funky bottles with individual designs for each shade) includes a gorgeous green and a v trendy blue – but in my goodie bag (get me) I was lucky enough to get the rocking Punk Pink – and here’s how it looks, over the gel.

Posh, innit?


Written by Johanna Payton