Come shop with me…for a prom dress

Press play, kids. This is the soundtrack you need in order to help me choose a prom dress. (If you don’t understand what you are listening to, you need to purchase Pretty in Pink, like, immediately).

I went rummaging around on the High Street yesterday and here’s what I came up with.

First off, this cute dress from Oasis (check in-store – can’t find it online). It looks orange-y in the pic, but it is in fact hot pink. Only thing not hot about this cocktail dress is that it requires big boobies to fill it up – sadly, I’m lacking in that department and so it looks too big. And I don’t think it has enough oomph factor. Bah.

Next up, this little beauty from Warehouse’s Spotlight collection. I do love this one. It fits like a glove and has a built-in tulle petticoat. I felt like a bride when I put it on – and that’s no bad thing when you’re trying to be a 36-year-old prom queen. And according to my other half / in-house stylist – it has a Cheryl-esque thang going on.

Should I buy….?

OK, so I know, in my sane mind, that dress no2 prolly looks best…but this next piece is real, 1980s vintage from Peekaboo at Topshop. And I feel like Molly Ringwald in it.

The in-house stylist / husband of mine says that this dress, ‘looks like something a dinner lady would wear at a Christmas party.’ And there’s more. ‘You look like a prawn in it,’ he claims. ‘A human prawn. All you need is a lobster fascinator and we could put you on top of a pile of ice and serve you up as seafood.’ Yummy.

His derogatory remarks only make me more determined, you know…

What do you think?


Written by Johanna Payton