Grazia competition at Westfield – win a Mulberry bag (and more)

If you can’t join me at Prom on Saturday night, and if you haven’t been invited to a million zillion LFW shows (no, me either), you could always amuse/console yourself by entering a fabby shopping-based competition instead.

I’ve got it on good authority that this weekend (19th and 20th February 2011) at Westfield you can take part in the ‘Instant Grazification’ Fashion Hunter Weekend.

You basically go to Grazia’s Facebook page (or follow @Grazia_Live) from 10am on Saturday 19th and you’ll get a clue to help you seek out the ‘Instant Grazification Girl’. Who she? Well, we don’t know at this point, but she will be hidden somewhere in the shopping Mecca what is Westfield.

If you find this mystery chick (who is bound to be gorgeous, right?) you say the magic words: “Have you got my Grazia?” and she will furnish you with an ‘Instant Grazification’ envelope. It sounds a bit rude, but it ain’t.

It’s actually a giant-sized step up from the lucky envelopes at my son’s school fair – you can win wicked prizes including Office heels, a Mulberry Tillie (nnnning!) and a stylish sesh with the fabulous Donna Ida. I’d even be satisfied with the subscription to Grazia.

Each hunt kicks off on the hour, every hour, between 1pm and 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. (I think I’d have a special maniacal look in my eye if I was taking part and frighten the ‘Instant Grazification Girl’ to death – thank God I’m otherwise engaged this weekend.)

But if you’re at a loose end, get down there fashion lovers.

Win face-time with Donna Ida: this girl knows her jeans


Written by Johanna Payton