Kate Moss shoot for Longchamp – steal the style

Have you seen Ms Moss all done up like a gorgeous 70s strumplet for her new Longchamp campaign? Wowser. She looks amazing.

And the clothes!

I have to say, I’ve barely even looked at the lovely bags she’s pedalling because I’m blinded by that sumptuous green dress, amazing embellished blue tunic with the lace trim and check the cream, folk border-print waistcoat… cor lummey.

It’s the colour of that dress that I love. I’m obsessed with finding one similar for the spring.

I’m even considering a purchase of this groovacious Paul smith dress from ASOS, even though it’s sold out in my size. I’ll eat a few Magnums, it’ll be reet.

If the vibe going on with Kate’s waistcoat is doing it for you, have a butchers at Topshop’s new printed A-line shift dress. Chuck it on over a pair of flares and bang loads of statement beads around your neck and you will be a tip top fashionista, baby. Believe.

And if you’re loving the blue (who wouldn’t?) I reckon you can do a cheeky pinch of Kate’s look with this embroidered peasant top from Oasis and the mini ruffle lace skirt by Yumi at ebay Fashion Outlet.


Kate Moss photo credit Alasdair McLellan/Longchamp.

Product images taken from ASOS,Topshop, Oasis and eBay Fashion Outlet.

Written by Johanna Payton