Showing our age?

Age is a funny old thing when it comes to fashion. Some people I know let their age completely dictate what they will and won’t wear. I’m more of a case-by-case basis gal. I would never write off a trend like harems or jumpsuits, say, until I had tried on a good selection. I’m still willing to wear short skirts when the mood and occasion demands it. I’ll even be willing to go down the route of the pinafore dress this spring, if I find one that ticks all the boxes.

I avoid clothes that put the years on, rather than worrying myself into an early grave because I still (occasionally) dress like a teenager (rather that than hogget dressed as mutton – look it up).

I’ve been avoiding the midi length dress for that very reason – I worry that I’ll look like a granny in one (and if you watch Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, you’ll know that I’m way old enough to be one).

But then, t’other day, I saw a lady of my age group trotting down the high road in a gorgeous midi-length frock (similar to the Philip Lim number above that has sold out – noooo! – at Net) and lace-up heels. I’m now obsessing over her fantastic look, which just goes to show that you should never write off a style until you’ve been in that changing room and given it a test drive.

Age should never write you off as a follower of fashion. I mean, how ‘effin fantastic does Helena Christensen look in this month’s InStyle magazine? Watch a vid of her being generally fabulous and tell me that the mileage she has on the clock is any kind of barrier to her magnificence. OK, she’s a supermodel type, and not a mere mortal, but she’s out there doing it for all of us, looking incredibly hot and wearing splendiferous outfits to boot. What an inspiration.

Really, her age should be irrelevant. It shouldn’t be the fact that she looks good ‘in spite of’ her 42 years that we focus on… How about, ‘she looks good because she’s got the body, attitude and experience of a 40+ woman, not a girl’? That’s much better.

Now that I’m knocking 40 myself (this is my new favourite phrase, officially allowed now my 37th birthday is looming) I’m determined not to be intimidated or ‘shaped’ by the milestone that is drawing increasingly near. I refuse to give up the colour pop nail polish and the prom dresses. I will not sacrifice my addiction to tie dye, or the eternal love I harbour for playsuits and platform heels. These things make me feel good, and as long as I feel comfortable wearing them, I’ll bloody well do so.

In fact, I’m even proud to say that I can be seen in this month’s Psychologies magazine, sharing my age, sex life and bright red hair with the world (as well as a natty little kimono from Topshop). See – I’m blazing a little trail all of my own.

Images from Net-A-Porter and Psychologies.co.uk

Written by Johanna Payton