Something suitable for Dave Grohl

After my Fabulous weekend, I now need to plan for the excitement ahead – on Friday it’s my birthday (no congratulations necessary – I’m ancient).

I am beside myself with glee due to having bagsied two tickets to see the Foo Fighters at Wembley Arena on the big day. I LOVE Dave Grohl (so much it hurts). Sadly, that’s Selena Gomez with him in the pic, not me, but maybe if I choose a good enough dress to wear Friday, my moment will finally come to fruition…

I doubt it, though. I once saw Uncle Dave, in the flesh, at a Brits after show party in St. Martin’s Lane (can you believe they used to let me into things like that? Ooh the stories I could tell). Anyway, Dave was getting into a lift with his then-girlfriend and I impulsively stalked after them because I thought it would be my only chance to ever meet him. But when I got to the lift and saw that lovely beard up close, I was immediately and completely star-struck. I just stood there, sort of waving, as the lift doors closed on a bewildered looking Grohl and his chick. God, the horror.

Last time I saw Dave, it was far from up close. It was at Wembley Stadium. I somehow managed to get drunk on cider (even though you had to walk several miles to the bar and then queue back up and go through security to return to the hell that is the main stadium), and on the post-gig stagger back to the tube I scaled a 7ft high metal fence in order to find a discreet spot in which to have a wee wee (behind Uncle Dave Grohl’s tour bus, I believe – the memories are hazy). Thankfully, I was wearing black skinny jeans, thigh length boots and a Ryan Admas tee, so nothing untoward happened to my outfit during the climb/undignified crouch – there may have been some splash-back on the boots, but let’s not dwell on that.

Due to the need for decorum, now my years are advancing, I’m not planning on drinking any booze this Friday, so the likelihood of my peeing against Dave’s trailer is minimal (I never say never). Therefore, I can dress up a bit, and after trying on various prom dresses with my biker boots last week, I’m thinking that’s the way forward: overgrown, edgy, fast-approaching-40 rock chick – that’s me.

So far, I’m liking the following three options…

The coral lace pleated skirt dress at Topshop – great colour:

This girly, Peter Pan polka tunic by PPD at Pretaportobello – very early-90s Courtney Love (and yes, I know that’s probs not a good idea if I’m trying to impress Sir Grohl):

The black piquet structured dress at Dorothy Perkins – or would that have been better for prom? I think with black lace tights and the Blowfish biker boots, it would RAWK.

Dave Grohl and Selena Gomez photo credit Lester Cohen/WireImage.

Fashion photography taken from Topshop, Pretaportobello and Dorothy Perkins.


Written by Johanna Payton