30-something ballerina

Thanks to Black Swan there’s an unscheduled trend in town – ballet. Zoinks.

The idea of prancing around in a tutu definitely appeals to me (natch – I mean, it’s me) but can a lady of a certain age get away with ballet attire? Isn’t it just, y’know, for’t kids and that?

I decided to test the theory on Sunday when I not only left the house in the get-up to your left, but actually went to Wembley Arena in it. The average age of the audience member at X Factor live was nine, so I thought I’d get away with it.

Indeed, little girls looked on in awe at the Lipsy net jewelled dress from GetTheLabel.com, which I matched up with an old, silver bolero from Promod and my trusty, nude ballet pumps from Faith (sob).

The other mums (in a standard Sunday afternoon uniform of Whistles blouse, regulation dark-coloured jeans and sensible M&S boots) were baffled, I could tell. They didn’t understand what I was wearing. At. All. Talk about encouraging me to wear this look again.

If you wanna give it a go too, may I suggest…

The Lipsy spot mesh ballet skirt (great with a simple black tee and biker boots):

The cropped ballet jumper at ASOS:

Lanvin leather ballerina flats (oh come on, you know you love them):

Or, if you wanna go wild and crazy with the trend, worrabout this ballet net bustier dress by Rare Opulence at Topshop? You’ll stop traffic, man:

Images from GetTheLabel.com, ASOS, net-a-porter and Topshop.

Written by Johanna Payton