A Swedish Summer?

Now, it’s not often that I knock Topshop, but I’m slightly terrified by their ‘Swedish Summer’ suggestions.

I mean who, apart from a member of the Von Trapp family, could get away with this dodgy blue pinafore dress? Much as I love (deeply) the 70s takeover of the high street, this is a step too far for me.I feel like I might have tried it on a few weeks back in Oxford Circus during a mad moment – purely to to make myself laugh, you must understand.

I’m also deeply suspicious of the MOTO indigo emboidered hem shorts (add braces and yodels at your peril), and the floppy hat – I don’t do floppy hats. Ever.

All is not lost, though.

There are some picks amongst the meatballs and ligonberry sauce (talking of which, I tried that concoction for the first time at IKEA on Suday – with that gloop they call gravy but actually has the consistency of custard – and now I think I know what Rachel Green’s British trifle would have tasted like).

Love the chunky tan wedges – they might go on my Las Vegas wish list…

Not quite sure what makes this Swedish, but this gyspsy crop blouse would ROCK with my white flares.

And I’m keen as custard (real custard, not IKEA’s gravy-custard) on this yummy floral shirt – definitely another one for my hols.

Images from Topshop.

Written by Johanna Payton