Anami and Janine maxi dress

Now the dust has settled, I can tell you a liddle bit more about the dress I chose for the Berkeley Dress Show.

In my usual stylee, I put the event in my diary but didn’t actually read the invitiation until the week before. Once I’d seen the small print, I realised that I was going to need something spesh.

I’m not one for traditional ballroom attire, though (you can’t say you’re surprised) and I wanted to avoid the high street without spending zillions.

On Saturday afternoon (down to the wire as ever) I stumbled upon the answer. I was wandering down to Clapham Junction via Northcote Road and in between moaning about the number of three wheeled buggies (and not spotting Mark Owen – bah), a yummy mummy’s agressive pavement tactics literally sent me reeling into a little stall selling brightly coloured dresses in eye-catching prints. Aye carumba indeed.

Turns out, the stall is called Marmalade Maids and it’s run by Clare Calverley, who spoke about the dresses with such passion that a sale was in the bag within seconds. Clare sells beautiful dresses by Anami and Janine. Precisely on-trend, they are bold, statement pieces in short and maxi length with 70s-inspired prints. I was torn between the green and purple maxi dresses, and in spite of my emerald fetish, plumped for purple, which just seemed more elegant and fitting for the occasion. (I may return to seek the green one in a shorter length nearer the summer).

As well as having me as a fan (aren’t they lucky??) Anami and Janine also count Fearne Cotton amongst their admirers. Clare told me that Ms Cotton was caught wearing the dress pictured above last summer. Lush.

And as for my dress, well, I was certainly wearing one of the more unusual frocks of the night. But you know that I like to stand apart from the crowd. To me, the vintage glam of this dress is just about the perfect example of the style I love and at £75, it didn’t even break the bank (it barely made my temple twitch).

I love it – hope you do too:

Written by Johanna Payton