Check and chintz

As promised, after spying a pic in Vogue of a lovely lady backstage at Ralph Lauren wearing a checked shirt with a chintzy evening skirt I was very much IN.

Vogue says ‘it just works’ – and do you know what, that is absolutely true.

I’ve recreated the look to the left by teaming a beloved old, Topshop blouse – with my passion for all things country, I have quite a collection of checked shirts in my wardrobe(s) – with the copper midi pleated skirt at Miss Selfridge and a rhinestone belt I found on eBay for a fiver.

This is most definitely a pairing that’s happening for work or play – the chintzier the skirt, the more suited it is to partying, but deffo keep the checked shirt loud, proud and a li’l bit boyish.

I feel I need to do more checks and chintz – join me by purchasing this must-have sleeveless Western check shirt from Topshop:

And pop it on with this cute lace skirt at Mango – charmiiiing!

Images from Topshop and Mango.

Written by Johanna Payton