Cher Lloyd’s new look (and a photo of One Direction Harry Styles)

I was lucky enough (no, really) to be at X Factor Live this afternoon, and as well as having a lorra fun with my young ‘un (and a tutu, but more of that later this week) I was dead pleased to see little Cher Lloyd looking her age in funky outfits and a far fresher face than on the TV shows before Christmas.

Thankfully, whoever is styling the stage version has toned down the ‘granny look’ when it came to Cher’s make-up and she’s looking all shiny and a weeny bit angelic – which works for her.
And I love that she’s making a strong style statement with Rihanna-red hair, rather than caking herself in make-up.
Here she is performing Stay, in a foxy black get-up:

And going for a less ladylike ensemble for Girlfriend:

And just because it’s Sunday night and I love you all…
There will be more exclusive X Factor pics on the eBay blog tomorrow – yay!
Written by Johanna Payton