Clothes swap dilemmas

The problem with clothes swaps is that I start out with all good intentions, purposefully sorting through my entire wardrobe and trying to be ruthless about the pieces that I know, deep down, I will never wear again, but then when I start (literally) setting my stall out, I get weak (was that a Belinda Carlisle song?)

I start to think about when and where I wore the outfit in question, and get all sentimental. I fall back in love with the colour or the print and start mentally matching shoes and bags and envisaging new occasions when I could wow with this stuff.

I’m a hopeless cause. You tell me – should this stuff stay or go??

Is it a dress is it a top? I was never quite sure. I know this Topshop 2009 dress is mad, but I love tie dye – and crochet was on-trend at the time. I wore it over stonewash skinnies to see the Fleet Foxes and Neil Young play in Hyde Park. It rained and my hair flopped. My boy kissed another boy (only on the cheek, but it was q hot) and I was dizzy drunk on pear cider. Ah, the memories…

I would definitely keep this All Saints dress if it wasn’t far too tight/bordering on the obscene. Just look at those cheeky skulls! So cool. I wore it to one of Mr. Fashion Detective’s gigs, with my beloved beaded Firetrap scarf (which is available in grey on eBay for the next 22 hours – I paid £35 for mine in black, a couple of years back). It was tight then, but after a few washes…forget about it. Still, I might cry when I have to say goodbye.

I bought this pastel mint, lace top last year because it was green. I buy anything that’s green. I loved it for five minutes, then I saw a woman I deemed to be “unfashionable” (and, if I’m honest) a bit chavvy wearing it in a pub. Went right off it. Now I’m not sure – should I give it a stay of execution?

And why have I even put this cute Kate Moss at Topshop star print blouse in the ‘to go’ bag? Am I mad? I might wear it this afternoon in a show of defiance…

And P.S. it is a Belinda Carlisle song. Man, she was warbly.

Belinda Carlisle – I Get Weak by hushhush112

Written by Johanna Payton