Dr Marten’s tapestry print boots

There are Fashion Detectives and there are Fashion Doctors…Dr Marten to be exact.

I’ve always been partial to a pair of Docs. In my student days, when I was bang into Nirvana and burning incense, I had a pair of cherry reds that I loved uncontrollably. I used to wear them with tassel tie dye skirts, long knitted cardis and home-made jewellery I put together after Saturday afternoon visits to Piece Hall in Halifax (which I always found a bit apocalyptic for some reason – maybe that was just my teenage mind working overtime). They had a good record shop there that smelled of woodbines and stale Guinness…

Any road, I digress. I went off down memory lane because I’ve seen a pair of tapestry print Docs this week at Love Those Shoes that are really appealing for the season and have tempted me to go back down the DMs route.

I’ve got a strange urge to wear them with the Cheap Monday ebony midi dress at Urban Outfitters:

And the oriental kimono at Miss Selfridge:

Wouldn’t that look nice?

Images from Love Those Shoes, Urban Outfitters and Miss Selfridge.

Written by Johanna Payton