Green fingers, spring greens

I’m not having it. Snow all you want, weather (up North admittedly), but I’m fully in spring mode, underlined today by my decision to get new, fresh green nails.

I’m still doing the gels. Yep, they work. Believe me ladies, three weeks, no chips, no breaks – worth every penny and saves me so much time (although not enough so as I can blog every morning – if only).

The peeps who do the gel nails (and this seems to be the thing at many-a salon) are from Vietnam, so I’m learning plenty about the customs of the country too – did you know that in Vietnam, when a member of your family dies, you won’t be invited ’round anyone’s house for a cuppa for years in case you bring bad luck? True say.

Anyway, my nail ‘team’ at American Star Nails in Tooting always look at me quizzically when I bring my own colours in – and they do have a fab range to be fair. But I’d got my paws on a bottle of polish from the new Toma SS11 Tutti Frutti range and was dying to try it out.

 It was pretty hard to choose my fave from this range because it’s all pretty groovy, but in the end I plumped for the Pistachio Cream (second from the left), which is right up my alley.


To go with (gotta be pastel-on-pastel), I think I’ll be wearing the new Urban Outfitters embroidered bib tank my lovely friend Jo P (I told you about all these ‘Jo’ women in my life) bought me for my birthday. Yummy with skinny jeans, ja? Seriously, no more winter wares (wears?) for me.


Images fromToma and Urban Outfitters.

Written by Johanna Payton