Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Lucy in Disguise and Lily Allen

I was sooooo moved watching Lily Allen's From Riches to Rags last night. I'm not a huge Lily fan, but any woman/mum would feel for her...and the clothes they were picking for their Lucy in Disguise boutique were also amazing.

It somehow feels shallow talking about the fashion after Lils went through so much heartbreak, but that's why they did the show, so let's blow virtual kisses to her and get on with the dress talk.

a) If you haven't watched it yet, it's worth checking the series out on 4OD just to lust over the v lovely vintage.

b) I bloody loved this pink 70s-style maxi dress she wore at the opening of the boutique in the final episode. Just beautiful.

c) As mentioned at the end of the show, Lily and her sister, Sarah Owen, are moving into ready-to-wear with a collection of vintage-inspired designs for AW11: "The collection revolves around dresses, including Fortnums, a crepe tea dress with lily of the valley print; Chatsworth, a green maxi-dress decorated with sequins, and Capone, a black sequined and beaded tulle dress."

I need to see this Chatsworth business, don't you??

The collection launches in June at Harvey Nichols, at the Lucy in Disguise London store and via I for one, can't wait.


Helen said...

Watched it, because I like Lily. I am hoping she will be back as a singer one day, because I like her music -that and of course her style. It was interesting to see how the two sisters got on while setting up the business and I had my doubts it would work, mainly because I don't see the point in spending a fortune on renting clothes. But I am not the demographic they are aiming for - i.e. people with money to spare. I wish Lily all the best, I think she deserves a break after what happened to her.

Fashion Detective said...

Too right. She was v brave carrying on with the filming. It must have been so difficult for her knowing it was on TV and it was all filmed during her pregnancy. Just awful.

I love owning clothes and the idea of renting doesn't appeal that much - although it would be a wise move given the lask of storage space I've got left at home! The latest plan is to put a clothes rail in the office...

Kokodesigns said...

I have been watching the programme and as a country bumpkin can't say I have ever come across her as a singer, although I am told she is more of a talker, but as a designer maker I am really interested in vintage and loved the concept of the boutique as well as her personal story. How brave, good for you Lily.
I had loads of lovely vintage dresses I acquired when before my dress size almost doubled and my age tripled. I have cut them up and re used them in my own stuff, what a shame.