Saturday, 12 March 2011

Make a U Turn - in Tooting

You'd think that popping out for a fry-up on a Saturday morning would be a safe bet when it comes to clothes shopping. Surely there can be no temptation between me and the local greasy spoon at Tooting Bec?


There's a little boutique next to Tooting Bec station that has been there for years and consistently has cute clothes that catch my eye.

I've bought some choice items from there. The black maxi dress to the left is one of my faves.

Sleek and stylish it has a beaded neckline that makes it suitable for any season and gives it an unusual bo-ho finish.

I also love (ha!) this dress, a present from my beau a few years back:

It's the back that really makes it special (does my bum look big in this?):

If you likey, you can order online from - among my fave pieces at the moment, the Federal dress, the feather dress and the Rolling Stone tee.

You can't beat local shopping.


BratzBabebb said...

Yeh, you can't beat local shopping! I live in Hamilton, where there's a great Primark, specialising in Sale Rails! This morning I got some jeans for three pounds, a cardigan for one, and a top for one! I live near Glasgow, home to an awesome Townhouse Fashion Village! But I'm not a shopoholic...

Gaz Lloyd said...

I stumbled across your website by accident while I was searching for someone else with a similar name.

I'm glad I found it! Sorry, I just had to let you know that you are stunning and absolutely gorgeous!

Fashion Detective said...

What a comment! You are welcome here any time, Gaz ;o)