Spring cleaning

I’m having a MASSIVE clear out – it’s that time of year.

In lieu of clearing the decks, I bought two additional (pink, natch) wardrobe rails from Argos for the (hugely attractive, don’t you think?) attic yesterday and they are quickly being filled up with occasion-wear and winter woolies (my version of streamlining tends to result in more space being taken up by clothing, not less).

I’m definitely a hoarder of clothes – but I love the clothes I choose so much that I cannot bear to be parted from them. I love just knowing that they are there, even if I only wear them once – or once in a blue moon. If I had time to change three times a day, so I got good usage out of my wardrobe(s), I would. I’d eat my tea in a ball gown every night. Seriously.

And hoarding has its benefits. In the process of clearing out, I found at least three dresses with bold, 70s-inspired prints that are totally on-trend for the spring, so it’s like free (and hassle-free) shopping. They’ve gone straight back into wardrobe no1, in the bedroom (without the mice and must).

Following the clear out, I’ve got one clothes swapping party (for charidee of course) to organise and one spare wardrobe rail available for storage. 

I’ve also got a pile of Topshop vouchers burning a hole on my desk…

Image from Topshop

Written by Johanna Payton