Swishy swish swish

Lily strikes a pose

Well, I knew my All Saints dress would find a good home…

The swap took place yesterday eve and was small but perfectly formed. We raised over £100 for our chosen charity and had a good laugh rummaging through each other’s cast offs and choosing an A-list of items for the next swish.

My lovely, 11-year-old friend Lily (seen left – showing some fashion attitude – in *that* dress I was telling you about) left with bags full of booty. And she raised some extra funds by ‘crackling’ our nails in her impromptu nail bar.

I’m not sure about this crackling business. Nail art has never appealed to me and although I was quite into it last night (after a Mojito, a sea breeze and a glass of pink champagne), in the cold light of day, it looks a bit pikey. Shame.

Anyways, after waving goodbye to lots of my old fashion possessions, I was very restrained when it came to buying new-old ones. I bagsed a black Zara basic dress, some flared black trousers and a Topshop skull and crossbones top/dress that Lily inherited from her mum. I also invested in a nice red handbag that Lily’s nanny brought along for the swap (I obviously have the same taste as three generations of that family).

Trouble is, I’m leaving the rails up for a few days as some of the ladies who couldn’t make it to the swish want to come over this week to have a squizz at the wares. So I basically have a pop up shop in my living room; this is not healthy for me.

I’ve already started to warm to a knitted, knee-length dress by Louche that’s hanging tantalisingly at the end of one of the rails. I’m gonna have to stick another quid in the piggy bank and claim it for my own. But that has to be it. Seriously.

Happy shoppers get ready to rummage
Written by Johanna Payton