Topshop stripes – with a brown blouse?

Sounds mental, I know – but stick with me; it’s going to work.

I’m off to a slightly unusual family do tonight (loooooong story) and meeting people for the first time, so I need to tone my fashion choices down a bit. I fancy something 70s, but it needs to be just on the right side of quirky (the Lipsy ballerina dress I’ve just got my paws on definitely won’t do – I’ll save that for tomorrow’s X Factor Live abomination and treat you to some pics next week).

So, I already own this sheer Grandad shirt in camel:

And I’m thinking of buying this striped tank top to wear underneath – you get me?

And to top off the look (after putting my jeans on, natch), I think I shall indulge my nails in the exquisite new polish my lovely friend Jo F (I know a lot of ladies called Jo) gave me last night. It’s the limited edition spring 2011 Desperado by Nars. Ahhhh, she knows me so well ;o)

Images from Topshop and ASOS.

Written by Johanna Payton