More style in Vegas

Spending Easter in the Western US, I soon realised that when American ladies go out on’t town they have a stringent uniform (albeit a glamorous one) of body con dresses and sky scraper heels. Yes, they look (mostly – there are exceptions) gorgeous, but when you spot a British chick, they stand out a mile.

During many of my mega-shops, the store assistants would guess I was English before I’d even opened my gob. No one else was doing the rounds in Fly wedges and daisy print tea dresses.

I was desperate to see style on the street, and on about the third or fourth night my head was finally turned by a woman in ankle boots, a midi skirt and a gorgeous cowl neck vest; I knew immediately she must be British. I don’t think you’d catch an American under 40 in a midi skirt outside New York (tell me if I’m wrong – but I’ll need photographic evidence). I snuck up behind this lady and sure enough, London accent.

Then there’s my friend Gill, who joined us in Vegas a week into the holiday. Gill has an amazing vintage 40s/50s thang going on and always looks fantastic. I loved how she managed to pack her distinctive style into her suitcase and wowed the Vegas massive with some gorgeous vintage outfits.

Gill in the Monte Carlo “pub” (it was nothing like a pub)

At my “wedding” in gorgeous dress and head-dress

And right at the end of the holiday, I spied this British lass in Downtown Las Vegas and how I beamed! Remember those wide-legged, ditsy-print Primark trousers that I wore in the Grand Canyon….

Freemont Street, Las Vegas

Oh yeah, these fabulously loose-fitting pants certainly do help to create a brill bo-ho style, particularly when worn with vintage-inspired accessories like the cropped crochet gilet above (might have to get me one of those).

So, basically, much as I LOVE the USA, when it comes to style, the British ladies are really blazing a trail out there.

Written by Johanna Payton