You know you’re going on holiday when…

…you’re listening to Katy Perry at 11am, sipping Pussy, and trying on 24 outfits for every possible scenario on a 12-day break in Las Vegas.

Having seen the Hangover, I’m not sure it’s possible to cater for every possible scenario in Vegas, but I’m giving it a whirl.

Here’s just one of those outfits, to the left – next time you see this look I’ll be poolside/strutting down the strip/in a helicopter/shopping at the Fashion Show Mall/on a jeep tour/ducking into a swanky spa/touring Bellagio’s art gallery/stuffing my face at the RiRa … can you imagine how difficult it is to decide what to wear for that there selection of treats???

This outfit is very much IN anyway; purple kaftan and strappy wedges both Bonprix; vintage pearl and goldtone pompadour necklace and 1960s turqoise ring both Curiosities of London; Soul sunglasses by Polaroid.

Now, I need to finish writing my clothes list and prepare for my ‘hen night’.

It’s v low key (on account of it not being a “real” wedding): four women, at least three wedding dresses, one takeaway, several bottles of pink fizz, four cans of Pussy (I’m on the Pussy morning, noon and night, man) and the threat of cocktails. Bring it. Photos will follow (if I get the girls drunk enough).

A close up of that delicious ring

Written by Johanna Payton