Did Cheryl’s style see her off?

Much as I want to take the moral high ground like my partner (who woke me up with the words, ‘this is the biggest non-story ever’) I actually felt my pulse quicken when I heard the reports on breakfast news about Chezza.

And I’m compelled to write about it (I’ll be feeling better soon, don’t worry).

According to that big, bad gossipy website TMZ Cheryl Cole has been dropped from the US X Factor because her accent was ‘too thick’ – oh, and appaz she “lacked chemistry” with Paula Abdul (media speak for they hated each other’s feckin’ guts).

I don’t feel sorry for Cheryl. The whole thing has been too ‘try hard’ from start to finish. Our bestest exports, like Cat Deeley and Stephen Moyer (any excuse to mention Stephen Moyer), probably did have a master plan when they packed their bags and moved to The States, but they didn’t shove it down our throats before they even got there. Victoria Beckham did, and look how long it has taken her to establish herself over the pond (and without Mr. Beckham on her arm, I don’t think she would have survived).

Cheryl’s style since she got to America has been shambolic to say the least. I don’t know if Victoria Adcock is to blame, but by ‘eck, she has looked dreadful over the last few weeks. When I wrote a piece for Yahoo!’s Style it Light about the white-out in Cannes, the commentators went crackers slagging her off. I thought she looked stunning in the white, full length gown but then she spoiled herself with too much cleavage and those crazy baubles – attention-grabby, Cheryl – you should know better.

Wearing virtually the same dress as Paul Abdul didn’t help matters (a sure sign the stylists – and their celebrity charges – just aren’t talking) and when she did the atrocious colour popping with the wig-like hair, I wondered how I had ever looked upon this Girl Aloud as a style icon.

I wasn’t rooting for Cheryl in the States (especially when I saw Grazia’s “My first week in Hollywood by Cheryl Cole” cover line – YUK), but I’m not revelling in the fact that she appears to have failed. I would love to be a fly on the wall of her LA pad right now – but I’m not looking forward to the field day the tabloids will have over this news. Cheryl at war with Cowell. Lord help us.

I kinda hope she goes away for a little bit, gets over the embarrassment, and comes back stronger with a new stylist (or a seriously reprimanded one). If we’re going to be inspired by her fashion sense again, she has got a lot of damage control to do.

Image: ©Stephane Kossmann via Image.net

Written by Johanna Payton