What to wear on a Moonwalk

Holly Avil wears Stella for Adidas

My lovely blog has been neglected of late. I blame, a) work (how DARE paid work get in the way of my own, personal musings?), b) The Moonwalk.

(Have you sponsored me yet? Oh, go on.)

Yes, indeed. On Saturday night I’ll be pounding the streets of London in a power-walking marathon. That’s 26.2 miles if you didn’t know already. I’m training hard, fashionistas. HARD.

What to wear is consuming much of my time (are you shocked?)

In my head, I will look like triathlete Holly Avil (left, modelling Stella McCartney’s Team GB range for the Olympics) – in reality I’m about 50 years older with the thighs and bottom to prove it and couldn’t get away with those shorts in a million years.

Besides, I’ll be needing to walk in my bra – ’tis the point.

But the rest of the ensemble is causing much consternation. Sports wear, sadly, makes my heart sink.

Footwear-wise there is nothing to think about. I’ve been power walking in the same trainers for 10 months and I think I can trust them to get me around the course without causing too much damage (although I remember the last time I Moonwalked being confident about my shoes and suffering from blisters with the best of them).

The advice for bottoms is “shorts or black leggings”. Sorry, Moonwalk, I can’t do black leggings. I’m not a fan of running/cycling shorts either. Even Stella McCartney’s seamless hot pants for Adidas make my wince wince (!)

I found a decent pair of black Elle ‘track pants’ (is that what you call them these days?) with a hot pink roll top in TK Maxx – I figure if I wear my nude/pink animal print bra (the theme is Walk on the Wild Side, after all) this could look vaguely OK.

Now, I need to purchase a “hoodie” to tie around my waist/cover my breasts up if it starts pelting down (highly likely). A hoodie! I ask you.

It’s a good job this walk is for a good cause. I feel like I’m committing fashion hari kari.

Image from Adidas/Stella McCartney.

Written by Johanna Payton