Brilliant bargains – and the mystery Manolos

I’m all about the brilliant bargains. Last night I was on’t radio, lovingly wrapped in my £40 Cheap & Chic Moschino jacket (TK Maxx, baby).

Yesterday I ordered two red hot bargains off ASOS (you must check out the 70% off sale). I baggsed this Religion maxi dress for just £30 – am thinking it’ll be ideal for hot holiday evenings (!) with the white Hasbeens (but I should tell you that one of the staples worked loose from those babies last night – thankfully, I saw and hammered it back in with my bare fist, but perhaps ‘diffusion’ = ‘lesser quality’ in this instance):

And I also ordered this GORGEOUS £14 oversized tunic which I intend to wear forever (I only said intend – don’t hold me to that if it ends up in a clothes swap situation circa 2014):

Even Victoria Beckham is getting in on the bargain act – she’s launching a new, more “affordable” (relatively), dress collection.

Potentially, the biggest bargain of them all, would be these Manolos. They’re not the Campy’s I’ve been dreaming of (they have a rounder toe and slightly higher heel), but at £120, I could live with a sharper point.

BUT, at that price, can they be real? Could they be true? Surely not (too pink and too shiny, I fear, although the contrast trim is v convincing). Most importantly, will I have my licence revoked by the Fashion Police if I even think about buying them?

Can anyone advise??? The Fashion Detective needs a little help here.

Written by Johanna Payton