Chanel Mimosa nail polish

As it’s summer (like, officially), I decided to finally try out my brand spanking new bottle of Chanel Mimosa nail polish. I’ve had it for over a week, which is an age in fashion terms, but the ol’ gel nails have taught me an important lesson in patience.

I had no trouble getting hold of this one, even though I missed the release date by a week…which suggests that even Chanel can’t change people’s minds about yellow nails.

Most ladies I know are scared of ’em. Or I guess they just hate yellow.

I, on the other hand, love a pale yellow nail. I had a yellow polish on when I was in New York in 2009 and the New Yawkers were mad for it. Jus’ sayin’.

Anyways, I am delighted with Chanel’s latest offering and will be loving it longtime, just like my beloved bottles of Particuliere and Riva. It even works with the ridiculous outfit I’m wearing today (red skinny jeans and a bow top, pink, floral blouse).

Here it is, sparkling away in the sunshine…can you really resist?

Written by Johanna Payton