The affordable Primark midi dress

After bleating on about midi dresses in my last post, I just had to share this bargain with you.

This midi dress is available in the lovely Primarni, where I also purchased a gorgeous bird print blouse in mustard for £8, and floral pyjama pants (not for bed, you understand) for a tenner. Happy days for the Fashion Detective.

This beautifully shaped midi dress with a bold orange orchid print and cute cape detail is just £17. Now, in my humble opinion, you need a decent cleavage and a fairly small waist to wear it. I don’t have the boobage, so I didn’t take the plunge (ahem) but if you’ve got a bit more up top than I, may I thoroughly recommend it. Wear with orange wedges and a colour pop clutch (I’d go aqua) to create a birra drama.

But be quick, there were only two left in Tooting, and that store is quite a beast.

Written by Johanna Payton