The kids’ Green Lantern t-shirt

Junior Fashion Detective

It was only a matter of time before the young man of the house bagged a starring role in this blog. He is, after all, a great connoisseur of fashion – it comes from being dragged around Topshop since birth.

E is a great barometer for me; he always tells me if something looks good and I mean always. He knows the consequences of telling me an outfit looks ridiculous and (unlike his dad, who has been known to be ‘blunt’) avoids the ‘another half an hour while I get changed again’ scenario like the plague.

When it comes to his own fashion choices he’s more in sync with his dad – the only clothes he really loves involve a Superhero. He has several thousand fancy dress costumes and as he’s getting older, there is nothing more a la mode than a pair of cool trousers and a super-tee.

This weekend I’m being dragged taken to see Green Lantern. The big boy (!) is excited because it’s DC Comics (as opposed to Marvel – this distinction is a major deal if you are a geek); I can live with it because I’ve decided that Ryan Reynolds is just Jason Lee without the Scientology.

It may not have great reviews, but the kid of the house is beside himself with excitement. And in true, fledgling fashion-and-comic-book-aficionado style, he’s already got the new Fabric Flavours Green Lantern T-Shirt. Even I have to admit that this is a v cool garm and E will be particularly chuffed when the other kids at the cinema are drooling over it (I don’t know where he gets that trait from…)

Now, if only his dad can dig out the Green Lantern ring he claims to have stashed in the attic, our lives will be complete. Is it plastic? Is it real? Who the heck knows.

Green Lantern ‘ship’ sold separately (?)

Written by Johanna Payton