The mumsnet fashion debacle and the right pleated skirt

Well, that was a weekend and a half. After noticing lots of traffic coming to the site from the style and beauty forum at mumsnet (no likey, no linky) I had a peek in the name of research; I am the Fashion Detective after all.

It all looked harmless enough, women asking for advice on nude heels, toning-up and red polka dot dresses. I quite liked the vibe, in spite of some serious reservations (we’ve all heard the rumours, right?) and registered. Thought I could provide the odd bit of info seeing as I spend 90% of my working life staring at clothes, and encourage more ladies to come and have a read of this blog in the process – here, mums are kinda my target market (I am one, innit).

I commented on four threads that I had an opinion on, explaining (briefly) who I was, offering some thoughts on jumpsuits, last minute weddings, power walking and wedding guest accessories, and was promptly shot down in flames for a) mentioning that I write about fashion for a living, and b) putting Fashion Detective as a link in brackets at the end of the post. Within an hour I was embroiled in a ‘row’.

Jeezy creezy. In spite of a couple of friendly (and pretty funny) ladies who encouraged me to give it a chance, the mumsnet massive can rest assured that I won’t be darkening their door again *shudders*

Instead, I’ll focus my attention on finding a pleated skirt that suits me. At a family bbq yesterday, my stylish sis-in-law was wearing a fabulous retro one she found on eBay (she’s the queen of eBay). It looked ace with her wedges and a tee. Me want.

I think we need a ‘come shop with me pleats special’ (betcha can’t wait?) but in the meantime here are three of my faves…

Digging this pleated floral maxi at ASOS for starts:

The blush plisse maxi at Miss Selfridge:

Or how about this stunning, jade green midi-skirt by PPB – only £29!:

Images from ASOS, Miss Selfridge and Pret a Portobello.com.

Written by Johanna Payton