Harry Potter magic

Ready for Potter

Well, I cried 4.5 times (what is wrong with me??) I got a five second Sirius Black fix (and made an involuntary whooping noise when Gaz-O appeared on screen), and it all ended there. Just go and see it already.

I was lucky enough to see Haz-P (this could catch on) with the lovely Lily (11), who is a fashion icon in the making. She looked particularly fab today in a jumpsuit with a contrast print scarf and green Converse.

The boys, natch, went for a more “organic” look. Harry Potter’s rocking the 3D glasses with particular aplomb….

Hip Harrys

The 6:20am start we had this morning (excitement) did seem to burn everyone out a bit. On the way home, son had a costume malfunction on the 131 bus and when Lily tried to fix it for him he barked “try woman, try!” at her in a manner that has mortified his father.

Well, he must have got an attitude like that from somewhere…and I doubt it’s from watching Harry Potter movies.

The long walk home: If only he knew how to apparate

Chocolate ice cream residue, model’s own
Written by Johanna Payton