Six go mad in a karaoke booth

Chips and cocktails: pure class

I took my new camera out for the first time last night. I intended to learn how to use it properly in the afternoon and then take some artistic shots of the clothes my friends were wearing during the evening. You’d think I’d never met myself, really, when I come up with these pie in the sky ideas.

Back in the real world, I left in a fluster at 4pm after my friend called to say she was in town two hours earlier than expected. In spite of a) having a minor wardrobe crisis, b) not being very well, and c) having spent no time whatsoever learning to use the camera properly, I cannot resist the opportunity to have an extra couple of cocktails.

So, there we were, by 5pm, in Henry’s Bar Covent Garden with Lychee Sparkles and Mojitos on the table – and a crazy glint in our eye.

At 7pm we moved to one of our fave haunts: Gordon’s Wine Bar. By 8pm we were muscling a younger group of girlies out of our “area”, throwing bits of Manchego around and lining up bottles of Stella Rosado and Prosecco. Really, things can only go downhill from there.

10pm, Bedford and Strand. Four bowls of chips and the strongest cosmopiltan I’ve ever tasted. The barman complemented my choice of cocktail and referred to me as a “beautiful young lady” which had the desired effect; sangria and margerita pitchers all round. They know what they’re doing these bartenders.

Glad we didn’t notice the fire hose at the time

At 10:30pm we went from the magnificent seven to the secret six as our friend from afar had to take a train home – boo. At this point, after five hours drinking, anyone with a modicum of sense would head for the tube and an early night.

The other option is to lock yourselves in a sound-proofed room until 1am, with nothing but killer cocktails (I was drinking rose petal vodka, lychee, Limoncello and elderflower), bad wigs and a karaoke machine for company.

“You’re So Vain”
“Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now”
“U Got The Love”
“Never Forget”
“Sound of Silence”
“Crazy In Love”
“Tainted Love”
Written by Johanna Payton