What I want for Christmas/anniversary/birthday…

Ah, good fashion people. Let us take refuge from the News of the Screws debacle (and the fact that Hugh Grant has gone commando – perhaps he’s planning to take advantage of the situation and usurp Grant Mitchell??). Let’s focus on what really matters; my latest obsession…

Rose Dior Pre Catalan pink quartz, £2,700

Here’s a thought (and husbands take note – any husband will do, doesn’t have to be mine): If you have, say, a big anniversary coming up, or you’re feeling particularly generous and filled to the brim with saving-up-for-Christmas spirit (the cash usually splashed on the NoTW can go into a piggy bank, for starters) you might, just might, consider buying it for your lady.

After all, it is something really, really extra, extra special.

Written by Johanna Payton