Bloggers and designers galore!

It’s typical. I’ve gone from the sinking feeling of post-summer-inspiration-drought, to far too much to talk about in one post.

This morning was a smorgasbord of fashion feasting for me as I went up town to meet fashion bloggers Disneyrollergirl and Fashion Foie Gras. They are a zillion times cooler than me in the fashion blogging stakes, but I ain’t holding that against ’em. Both lovely ladies having heaps of (well deserved) success via their blogs.

I also got a design fix courtesy of breakthrough menswear talent Shaun Samson. (He has Mexican blankets in his cupboard and pics of Nirvana on his mood board – what else is there to say??)

Shaun is pretty darn good at mixing up the textiles (taken from totemfashion.com)

And if that didn’t leave me breathless enough, I was hyperventilating after seeing what gorgeous jewellery designer, Jessica de Lotz, keeps in her handbag. Is it an antique light switch, or is it the coolest ring and ‘ring box’, like, ever? Wowser.

Jessica was dripping in so much of her delicious ware-age that I couldn’t help staring at her wrists/fingers/chest (soz about that, Jess!) and the piece I will be dreaming about from this day forward is the red relished apple necklace. Try and tell me you don’t LOVE it. Just try.

18ct yellow gold plated, enameled red, solid silver apple necklace, with a hidden black diamond worm, £575 (taken from jessicadelotz.co.uk)

So there’s really no time, space or willingness today to tell youse about my new obsession with style hauling (you may well ask), or the hot date I have lined up with one of the actual men on my list.

Watch this frickin’ space.

Written by Johanna Payton